As Fonzip, making your daily work easier is our top priority. Calendar feature; An interface where you can view collectively the notes you have taken about people while managing your users and companies, and the system sends you a reminder about the notes you have taken for a certain date. You can quickly access your calendar notes from the Calendar section at the top right.

When you come to the calendar section, you will see a calendar with all your notes. Just click on it to see the notes in the relevant time period.

You can create a note on any date you want by clicking the Create Note button on the top left. The system will e-mail you if you have notifications about calendar notes in your notification settings in your profile 15 minutes before the date you selected. If you have given Fonzip push notification permission on your browser, a push notification will also be sent to your browser.

By clicking on the note section in the calendar, you can view your notes on that date and time. If you click on Detail, you can view the detail of the relevant note.

In the note detail, you can view the detail of the note, the time and, if any, the persons to whom it is assigned, by phone and e-mail information. If you want, you can update and save with the Save button at the bottom right, or you can delete the note by clicking the Delete button.

How Do I Add Calendar Notes to Contacts?

There are 2 methods of adding calendar notes to people.

  1. You can add collective calendar notes from Users & Companies section.

  2. You can add a unique calendar note from the profile detail.

Adding a Collective Calendar Note

After specifying the criteria you want to add a calendar note from the Users & Companies section, click the Actions button and select Add Calendar Note.

Enter your note on the screen that appears and save it after setting the date.

Done! You will be notified by the system 15 minutes before the date you chose.

Adding Individual Calendar Notes

Click the Add Note button in the User Timeline section of the person profile.

Write your note on the screen that appears. If you want to add to the calendar and send a reminder by the system, open the Add to Calendar option and specify the date. Finally, click Save.

The note you added will be updated in the contact profile as you can see below. If you want to make changes or delete the note, just click on the note.

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